First or Last?

Hello everyone,
It’s been another reasonably mild week in the weather department. There were a couple of chilly days, but we’ve seen worse. Still, it’s not too bad for this time of the year. We’re all back to better health, after fighting colds for a couple of weeks.
I visited with my Mom this week. It had been a while since I had been there, because of those cold symptoms. Mom is doing pretty well, it seems. Her wit and humor are still intact, and is able to walk with some assistance.
By the time you read this, our church will have had its 6th annual Valentine’s banquet. Everyone had a good time, the food was excellent as usual, and the entertainment was special.
As I watched the people lined up to fill their plates at the banquet, I saw that all the people in line didn’t get their food at the same moment. Some are first, some are last, but all are fed. This brings to mind a story from the Bible.
In Matthew 20, Jesus tell a story about a man hiring workers for his vineyard. Some worked all day, some for half the day, and some for just an hour. At the end of the day, they were all paid the same amount. In simple terms, this is a picture of God’s grace, and his sovereignty. The vineyard represents the kingdom of heaven the landowner is God, the workers are believers, and their pay is eternal life.
God’s plan for salvation is that every person who believes in his Son receives the gift of salvation. There are no exceptions, and it matters not whether the person came to faith early in life, or on his deathbed. Everyone who comes on God’s terms receives the same eternal blessings (Matthew 20:1-16).
So, the next time you are standing in line at a banquet, I hope you will remember this illustration, and that it will make you think about your relationship with the heavenly Father.
It’s not about your position in line, what matters is that you have responded to his offer of salvation and its eternal reward.

Just thinking,
Pastor Jerry

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