July is almost history. I personally don’t care to see another one this dry or this hot. As of this writing, I believe the fires in the Niobrara river canyon are fully contained. That is a matter of praise, and many thanks go out to all the firefighters, volunteers of all kinds, and a multitude of prayer warriors. There was much loss of property, but only a few minor injuries among all those people. More praise for their safety through all of this.

Now for a devotional thought: A funny thing happened on the way home from church today. The pastor got an unexpected shower. I must explain, then I’ll get to the lesson.

As we left the church, “someone” decided we could save some steps later, if we would move and restart the lawn sprinklers. It went well as we moved the ones in the church yard. When we go to our own yard, someone was having trouble getting the spike on the bottom of the sprinkler to stick in the ground. I took responsibility, knelt down and stuck it into the ground and adjusted the spray arc. As I got up and started for the house, “someone” turned the water on full force, and without warning I was getting a direct hit in the back. The good thing is the water was warm from the sun shining on the hose. We had a good laugh, and I got cooled off as the water began to evaporate out of my shirt.

As I result of this, I spent some time this afternoon making sprinkler repairs. We have couple of impulse sprinklers (aka Rainbird wannabe’s) that have never worked right. It should be no big surprise that lawn sprinklers do not always perform as advertised. What product does live up to its billing these days?

Many Christians don’t always perform as advertised. Other folks expect certain things from those who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, but too often we don’t live up to the name. I find myself in this group more times than I like to admit. The genuine Christian’s faith will show in his actions, in his words, and in his treatment of other people. The apostle James said, “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?” (James 2:14).

I was able to do some minor repair and make a couple of adjustments, resulting in more fully functional sprinklers. In the same way, when we don’t live up to our names as Christians, if we will put ourselves in God’s hands, he will lovingly make the necessary adjustments that will restore us to like-new condition.

In His hands,
Pastor Jerry

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