Sowing Seeds

I spent a couple of hours Sunday afternoon fishing at Ericson Lake. It was a very nice day, and as I sat watching the cottonwood seeds floating in the air and on the water, I thought if those all sprouted and grew to maturity, we would soon be engulfed in cottonwood trees.

The truth is, only a few of the millions of cottonwood seeds ever make it to full-grown trees. Some fall on the rocks around the lake, or on the road, and never sprout or grow. I suppose some are eaten by fish or birds. Others may sprout and become seedlings, only to die from lack of water or nutrients. A few will actually fall in a good location with good soil, and grow to maturity.

I’m reminded of a parable Jesus told to his disciples. He talks of a farmer sowing seed. Some of the seed falls on hard or rocky soil and never sprouts or grows, due to the hardness of the soil, or by being eaten by the birds. Some seed, however, falls on good soil and grows to return an abundant harvest for the farmer. He likened it to the proclaiming of God’s word. As Christians share the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus, it is much like planting seeds.

As Jesus explained the parable, he said, “the seed is the word of God’ (Luke 8:11). The farmer represents anyone who is sowing, or planting, the seed of the gospel. If that seed falls on prepared soil, it will sprout, take root and grow, returning a harvest at the proper time.

Is your heart prepared to receive the seed of the Word? Has that seed been planted it your heart? Has it taken root? Is it growing as it should?

I pray it is so.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Jerry

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