Finding the Way

Dear friends,
I detect a return to cooler weather this morning. Those northwest winds just sound different.

When we were waiting to get the concrete work started for our house, I got a call from the contractor telling me that since it rained where they were working, his crew would be at our place the next day. We saw this as a work of the Lord. Last week, after wondering how long it would be before we could get the foundation completed, another call came. It was the contractor saying, “The rain is good to you. It rained almost an inch where the block layer is working, and he’ll be at your place in the morning.” Our God is good!

Getting ready for my trip to Kansas, I brought up a map app on my phone, set my destination and plugged in the headset, listening for the voice of instruction to show me the way. I was startled a couple of times by the voice in my ear, but it was very effective in getting me where I was going.

We are becoming dependent on things like GPS devices and map programs on our phones to give us directions. In order for these to work we must turn on the power, then listen and obey the directions to reach our destination.

I saw these words on the back of a truck a few weeks ago: “Lost, but having fun.” I’m sure the person who put them there did so for a smile, but what a commentary on the lives of many people today. From a spiritual perspective, lost, but having fun has eternal consequences. In biblical terms, being lost is having no relationship with the Lord, headed for judgment and hell. This is not having fun. This is deadly serious.

We have the direction manual available, it’s called the Bible. It will keep us on the right road. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105). However, for it to be effective in guiding us, we must open it, read it, and obey its instructions. There is one major difference…God’s GPS never fails.

A final word of caution as we follow God’s directions; be prepared to be startled by the voice of the Lord as he speaks through His word.

Pastor Jerry

2 responses to this post.

  1. One won’t be startled, if one is used to hearing the voice. 🙂


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