The Importance of Worshiping as Families

Hello again,
If it seems we are stuck between the end of winter and the start of spring, you are not alone. When the overnight low is forecast to be in the thirties, I wonder. On the positive side, if you have planted a new lawn, this weather is about perfect. Our new grass is growing even better than we expected.

For several weeks, I have been preaching on the importance of being a biblical church member. We have learned that such a person is a functioning member, a unifying member, and one who loves and prays for the other members. Yesterday, we learned of the importance of leading our families to be healthy church members.

Number one: By praying together for the church. That is we pray in a family setting for the church’s leaders and all members. As families, we pray in these ways: For spiritual protection, and for protection from moral failure. We pray for the families of church leaders. For all members, we can pray for encouragement, wisdom, and discernment as they go through their day.

Number two: By worshiping together as a family. As church members, we are responsible for leading our entire family to worship together in the church. If you are married, include your spouse in your worship. Parents, include your children. Single Christians, you need to join others in worship. We need to be examples to others of people who love the church. Not the building, but the people who are part of the body of Christ.

If you happen to be the only believer in your family, don’t be discouraged. God has given your family to you for a mission field.

Finally, as leaders in our families we are to show our deep love for the church. We are not just to like our church or serve our church well. We are to fall deeply in love with our church. Unconditional love is not always easy, but we are to love other members of the church without wavering, and with an unconditional love.

Jesus has demonstrated this kind of love for us perfectly. He loves us, sins and all, so much that he died on a cross for us.

It is of great importance for us to include our families in worship at every level. As scripture says, “Let us not give up meeting together…” (Hebrews 10:15).

Pastor Jerry

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